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As we die both you and I with my head in my hands I sit and cry

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Memorial Song

I listen to this song,
a song that remind me of you.
It reminds of the time,
time we spent together.

The hours went by,
when we where together.
Now everything`s over,
and it hurts to hear this song.

My heart is burning,
I`m thinking of you.
I hold back the tears,
tears that show that I miss you.

I`m sitting here,
dreaming of you and me.
I know that it`s not real,
but I just can`t stop.

I`m hurting myself,
with dreams of you.
I`m trying to see the truth,
but it`s hard for me to do.

If you would just come back,
we could listen to this song together.
Again we could hear the music, feel the love.
But there`s nothing but loneliness now.

The song is ending,
but my tears still fall.
I`m living in the memory,
a memory of me and you.

mal nen positiver zur abwechslung

You opened my eyes
I see the world in a new light
Everything seems wonderful
I don`t cry anymore

It`s interesting for me
`cause it`s something new
I never felt like this before
You showed me how to love

It seems like the start of something new
My life is filled with love now
My eyes they shine so bright
Thank you for giving me that feeling

I walk through the world
I can see all the beautiful things
The sun is shining on me
I`m happier than ever before

Since I got to know you
Everything changed in a positive way
I`m smiling the whole day
And I`m not afraid of love anymore

So thanks for all these feelings
You brought the light in my life
I love you so much, never want to loose you
You`re my everything, my one and only love.

Road to death

I knew it before
you would break my heart
I`m holding back the tears
I don`t want anybody to see
to see how I feel inside
deep inside my heart I cry

I`m living a lie
death opens its arms
death welcomes me
it`s cold outside
I walk the road
the road to death

I knew it before
You would walk away
My tears fall at night
Nobody will see them
I feel cold inside
My heart is bleeding

I`m living a lie
death opens its arms
death welcomes me
it`s cold outside
I walk the road
the road to death

Sometimes my live seems hopeless
I`m still fighting, but why?
Does it make any sense?
Is there anything that`s worth fighting for?
I don`t think so, everything will fade away,
everybody will die someday

I don`t want to live a lie any longer
I walk into the arms of death
death welcomes me
it`s no longer cold outside
I walked the road
the road to death

You don`t, you just

You don`t love me
You don`t need me
You don`t want me
You don`t believe me
You just like me
You just hurt me
You just forget me
You just hate me

You know about my feelings
but you don`t even care
I know about your feelings
and they are not fair.

I feel lonely without you
I feel blue when you`re near me.
I`m really nervous if you`re there
but you`re not there for me.


I think you`ll never love me
I think you`ll never care.
Your feelings will never change
you`ll never be there.

I`m forever lonely
I`m forever blue.
I am nervous anyhow
So you don`t have to care.


You`re not like the others.
You`re really differnt.
But I really like you.
Or do I love you?

It`s not easy for me.
I can`t understand my heart.
I never thought about this.
Am I crazy?

Why is everything so difficult?
Why do I love you know?
It`s hard for me,
because I can`t tell you.

Do you know about my feelings?
Well, I guess not.
Do you feel the same?
I really don`t know.

It could be easy.
If I tell you
everything will be clear.
But what will happen then?


I think you`re scared about my feelings.
I think you can`t feel real love.
I think you`re afraid of beeing happy.
But I don`t really know you.

So tell me something about you.
Tell me about your feelings.
Tell me about your fears.
But don`t lie to me.

We should be together.
We should be in love.
We should tell each other
what our love is worth.

To be honest I have no hope.
To be honest I need you.
To be honest I know nothing
but one, I love you.


I really don`t know why I like you.
I really don`t know what happened to me.
I didn`t notice you first
but now you`re in my mind,
the whole day, the whole night.

I really don`t know if I can tell you.
I was in love with your friend
some time ago.
Do you know this?
I really don`t know what I should do now.

Suddenly I love you.
Suddenly I need you.
I wonder what happened.
I wonder what is going on.
With me, with my heart,
with my mind!

I want somebody to help me with you.
To show me who you are.
To tell me what I can do.
Somebody who knows you.
Somebody you like.
I want to know,
if there is a chance for us.

My heart is yours

Are you sure about your feelings?
Are you sure you don’t love me?
Is it worth to fight for your feelings?
Is it worth to care for your love?

Why are you hurting me so bad?
I know, you don’t want me to be blue.
I can’t do anything against my feelings.
I didn’t wish to fel like this.

You`re still the one for me.
Even if I`m not the one for you.
My heart is still yours.
Even if your heart is not mine.

As long as you are by my side,
I feel pretty well but nervous.
You make me laugh, you make me smile,
you should be by my side forever.

I know you don’t want to be mine,
but maybe there is still a chance.
Our love should be real,
think about it again.

I should

I know, that he is still looking at her.
I know, that he is not interested in me.
I know, that he is still in love with her.
I know, that he is not real to me.

Why is he still looking at her?
Why isn’t he interested in me?
Why is he still in love with her?
Why isn’t he real to me?

I should go away.
I should forget him.
I shouldn’t cry.
I shouldn’t die.

Could he stop looking at her?
Could he be interested in me?
Could he stop to be in love with her?
Could he be real to me?

Is he still looking at her?
Is he still not interested in me?
Is he still in love with her?
Is he still not real to me?

I love your...


I love your eyes, they shine so bright.
I love your lips, they smile so nice.
I love your hands, touching my skin.
I love your words, telling me who I am.

I never had such feelings before,
now I am happy about them.
Such strong love feels great,
but it can also hurt me.

You don`t love me the way I love you.
I have known this before.
Now that you know that I love you,
my heart just cries in pain.

There’ll never be a chance for us.
I`m nowhere, nor in your heart nor in your soul.
You never think about me,
but I still love you.

Maybe someday there is a chance for us.
Even if I don’t think so.
You hurt my feelings so bad,
but I just can’t forget you.

Everytime you`re near me

My heart is beating faster
everytime you`re near me.
I don`t have to see you
because I feel you.

I can feel the pain
everytime you`re near me.
If you look into my eyes
you can see me crying.

Everytime you`re near me
my heart just cries in pain.
Everytime you`re near me
I can feel the pain.
So please go away
and give my heart back to me.

My eyes are shining bright
everytime you`re near me
and if you have to go
I know you will come back.

My heart is bleeding
everytime you`re near me.
Nobody can heal it
as long as you don`t love me.

I got to know you yesterday
I felt the magic in the air
All my thought go round you now
and I can feel you here

My mistake

I always gave my heart the wrong boy
I hurted myself this way
But now I thought
I`m older and wiser
Obviously I`m not

I fell in love with that boy
He`s so smart and lovely
He listens to me, he understands me
But I know that his heart is not mine

I do really trust him, I`m sure I can
He was always honest to me
And I known what he feels
But I gave him my heart

No I know that it was wrong
But I can`t change it
It hurts me so bad and I`m just crying
I can`t do anything.

I think about him the whole day
I dream of him every night
I don`t know what to do now
I just don`t know what to say.

I`m really sad and totally confused
My heart is broken again
It was just my mistake
And I feel so alone now


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